Ing. Ricardo Javier Díaz Domínguez

Tecnologico de Monterrey | Mexico | August 2013- May 2016

School of Engineering and Sciences

MSc. Computer Sciences

*Best Master Thesis Award: Dynamic segmentation of eye fundus images and macular thickness estimation for the early detection of diabetic macular edema using AI.


Tecnologico de Monterrey | Mexico | August 2008- May 2013

School of Medicine and Health Sciences

BSc. Biomedical Engineering

Researcher| School of Medicine and Health Sciences | Tec de Monterrey |Since 2015

I am a member of the Biosciences Applied to Health Research group of the School of Medicine and Health Sciences of the Tecnológico de Monterrey. In the research group, I am responsible for the development of algorithms based on image processing for the detection of pathologies and data analysis with supervised and non-supervised techniques.


Biomedical Engineering teacher | Tecnologico de Monterrey |2013- to date

I have worked as a professor of the subjects of Biomechanics and Bioinstrumentation Lab, Biomedical Technologies, Biostatistics, research in medicine and mainly medical image processing and medical imaging courses. I am part of the national team for the design of curricula for the subjects of biostatistics, bioinstrumentation, as well as in the areas of algorithm development based on image processing and artificial intelligence


Academic Program Director | Tecnologico de Monterrey |January 2016- to date

For Biomedical Engineering programs until 2018 and Medicine and nutrition programs from 2018 to date. I oversee the professional plan of the students, management of academic programs, program certification process and inter-institutional collaboration


Research Assistance | Tecnologico de Monterrey |2013- 2015

It carried out activities of management and development of projects of the biomedical area, handling budgets, quotations, and purchase of equipment, as well as of the control of inventories.


Medical Center Puerta de Hierro | Mexico | 2011 to 2012

Clinical Engineering: making tasks such as preventive and corrective maintenance, and attending surgeries using specialized medical equipment.


Coordinator of Biomedical Engineering Department| Red Cross | Mexico | 2013 to 2016

I developed activities focused on the implementation of the Biomedical Department at the Mexican Red Cross. I also took care of the administration and control of medical equipment.

Equipo portátil de ambiente estéril para procedimientos oftalmológicos. Register number: MX/a/2016/017302. Folio: MX/E/2016/093416. Portable Medical Device for surgical procedures.

Método y sistema para la detección de lesiones de la membrana timpánica. Register number: MX/a/2016/016304. Folio MX/E/2016/089115. Medical Device, based on image processing and AI, to detect ear pathologies

Sistema de pre-diagnóstico para la detección de casos potenciales de edema macular diabético por medico de primer contacto (derechos de autor). Register number: 03—2015-061211444100-01. Medical Device, based on image processing, to detect diabetic macular edema